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Our exciting trip through the USA  July / August 1999

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Empire State Building
New York view from the Empire State Building
NY Empire State Bilding interior New York view from the Empire State Building
NY view from the 
Empire State Building
Empire State Building
NY view from the 
Empire State Building

other views
New York view to the Twin Towers
New York - another face Ferry to the Statue of Liberty
 Manhattan Downtown
view to the 
World Trade Center
small house of God  Manhattan Downtown
ferry to the Statue of Liberty

New York with all the skyscrapers,  its super Malls and pulsating life was a very new and great experience. We stepped in at  „Macy’s“ and “Manhattan Mall” and have been absolutely impressed by the dimension of these shopping centres and the unimaginable range of goods. Never before have seen anything like that. Now we know, what it means “shopping in New York”.... A special highlight was a ride by bus through the island district Manhattan, the industrial, commercial and financial centre and the heart of this grandiose city. Here is the Wall Street with the New York Stock Exchange and here is the place, where two years later, on Sept. 11th, the terrorist attack happened, in the course of which the World Trade Center with its famous twin towers was destroyed - what a tragedy! 

The most exciting event for us was the visit of the Empire State Building. The outlook onto the city is absolutely impressive and makes you feel the pulse of this powerful and gigantic world metropolis. Very strange for us to realize, that the district of Harlem actual is a black enclave, where white tourists should not step in, as we have been told by the guide.

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