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~ Istanbul - Justinian's Cistern ~
Hagia Sophia / Blue Mosque
UNESCO World Heritage

Troy Pergamum Aphrodisias
Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque viewed from the Bosporus
The cistern, built by emperor Justinian around 542, is also called the "Sunken Palace", which aptly reflects the magical atmosphere of this subterranean building. The reservoir had a capacity of 80.000 cubic feet of water and provided the quarter around the Hagia Sophia as well as the emperor's palace and later the Topkapi palace. On an area of 453 x 213 ft. (138 x 65 m) or 2,2 acres (8970 m²) a dim wood of 336 marble columns, which support the up to 8 m high vault, is reflected in the

Walkways and atmospheric lighting make the Cistern a great tourist attraction, which takes you back into ancient times.

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