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~ International Easter egg stock exchange Leipzig ~

Pair of owls made from eggs and sittin in an egg, creations: Baerbel BerntEvery year before Easter an international "Easter egg stock exchange" takes place here in Leipzig. The exhibition with more than 30 exhibitors from Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Serbia and the UK presents a great variety of exhibits and gives interesting insights in this traditional art. It is a great pleasure to see the amazing elaborate and marvellous works, which were created by using varying techniques and all kinds of eggs - beginning with those from little birds up to ostriches. There are very valuable pieces from and for collectors as well as lovely creations just for Easter decoration, also for sale The event attracts many visitors every year - experts and lovers as well as families with their children. What a charming place to meet for young and old - just view the pictures below and get an idea (added a few outside the exhibition at the end). Find out which birds gave their eggs for all the elaborate works

The Old Commercial Stock Exchange is home of the international
Easter egg exchange

painted Easter eggs - creations: Baerbel Bernt
one egg in the other - 
aren't the owls cute?
painting Easter eggs
Easter eggs Sorbian pattern 3
Painting Easter eggs
elaborate Sorbian pattern

elaborate German designs
Easter exhibits at the Leipzig fair
painted Easter eggs - creation: Baerbel Bernt
Easter exhibits made from ostrich eggs Easter exhibits made from ostrich eggs
works from ostrich eggs - the elephants are engravings

Elaborate paintings
painted Easter egg 1 Painted ostrich eggs egg paintings 2
painted Easter eggs Easter nest Easter egg tree

Internationale Ostereierbörse in Leipzig /
International Easter Egg Stock Exchange Leipzig

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