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India, Amber Fort, elefant ride What a fascinating cultural heritage and abundance of cultural features can be found around our globe and how many miracles and wonders of nature are awaiting us!

Immerse yourself in the world of travel and discover with us the wonders and beauty of nature, admire cultural-historical treasures and experience, how people's traditions and religions produced an abundance of cultural features and gave the countries their unmistakable face and quite special charm.

Learn about the diversity of different cultures in their specific habitats, their wealth and their poverty
Me, having a rest with Beduins and learn to understand and to appreciate the people and their way of life.

Here we are on an elefant ride in India and me to the right with Beduins in the Tunisian desert

But no matter where you are, the contact with the people is one of the most valuable experiences of a trip.
Each journey brings new insights and is a step towards more tolerance and acceptance between people around the world.

We hope you'll enjoy your imaginary journey to far horizons and find some interesting information and ideas for your own travel plans.

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